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Our mission

To break down the stigmas of mental health for the betterment of Darien. 


In 2022, the Darien community suffered the tragic loss of several individuals, including students.  Some of these sudden deaths were by suicide.  The community experienced an immediate need to seek outlets for mental health support and ways to express feelings.  Members of our community realized they had been struggling for an extended period of time.  The Wave Strong Foundation was formed out of the need to support our community surrounding a better approach to addressing mental health.

Our mission has the ability to impact every person in our community, old, young, business professional, stay at home parent or guardian and student of any age.

Through our three-pronged strategy, we'll focus on these efforts.

Messaging and Programming

  • Positive messages and dialogue throughout the community that we are #strongertogether
  • Sponsoring guest speakers focused on mental health for youth, parents of all school aged children and adults in conjunction with local community partners


No one should have to face the decision to not seek or limit services due to healthcare insurance limitations.  (By partnering with other organizations in Darien and utilizing their their expertise and vetting process)**, grants are given to individuals and families in need of bridging the financial gap and wait time between payment for mental health services and claim reimbursement and/or services not covered by medical insurance.


The mental healthcare system is overwhelmed and under sourced for providers.  Individuals are placed on waitlists with many providers in hope to receive an initial intake appointment.  Many are not accepting new patients due to the large patient load they already carry.

Funds raised will support individuals who are residents of Darien pursuing mental health careers in fields such as counseling, sociology, psychology, nursing and psychiatry.

Photo Credit Calderwood Photography
Photo Credit Calderwood Photography
Photo Credit Calderwood Photography